Fastag Recharge: Know How to Recharge and Pay Highway Toll Online

Fastag online recharge. Electronic Toll Collection on Toll Plazas on National Highways to be called FASTag. FASTag can be recharged online through Credit Card / Debit Card /NEFT/ RTGS or Net banking. You can avail of a cashback of 10% on all Toll payments using FASTag.

What Is Fastag?

FASTag is prepaid rechargeable tags for toll fees collection that let automatic payment deduction in the FASTag, they are typically affixed on the windshield of your car or vehicle.

With the support of a FASTag, you won’t need to stop your car or vehicle at toll plazas to pay the toll fees. Whenever the vehicle crosses the toll plaza, the toll fees fee will be deducted from your bank account/prepaid wallet related to the FASTag affixed on the car’s windscreen.

fastag recharge

Furthermore, These FASTag Don’t Have any expiry date, that is, they can be Utilized as long as they are readable in the toll plaza and have not tampered with.

There is a limit on the maximum balance which can be held in the pocket. As per regulations, these limits are:

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For limited KYC FASTag account holder:

This type of FASTag can’t have over Rs 20,000 in their FASTag prepaid wallet. The monthly paychecks limitation is also capped at Rs 20,000.

For complete KYC FASTag account holder:

This kind of FASTag account may not have over Rs 1 lakh within their FASTag prepaid wallet. There is no monthly reload cap in this account, according to the Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL) web site.

FASTag recharge online| How to Recharge Your FASTag Online

From banking applications to electronic payment providers, there are numerous alternatives for you to recharge their FASTag online. There’s also a FASTag program that can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that vehicle owners are able to download, enter their login information or credentials to look at their balance.

Fastag recharge online

Approximately 23 banks enable you to apply for and recharge FASTag. Your bank’s site is going to have a FASTag icon letting you recharge and apply. The choice can be available on all banking applications like your HDFC PayZapp program, SBI YONO app, etc.

You are able to connect your bank accounts to your FASTag accounts too. To recharge through internet banking, you’ll need to put in your car or truck amount as the payee details. However, every lender has a slightly different procedure. It’s strongly recommended to look at your lender’s site for a step-by-step manual.

But, it’s very important to be aware that most banks charge a convenience fee for recharging on the web.

FASTag Recharging through Google Pay:

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You will initially have to join your lender into your FASTag account simply by visiting the Google Pay program, tap New Payment then select bill payments where FASTag will be recorded. Click FASTag and select the issuer bank of your FASTag.

Once that page opens, click get started and join your bank account by simply entering your automobile number connected to the FASTag accounts and account number. Once connected, you are able to continue to utilize Google Pay frequently to recharge your accounts.

The name of this Bank will be on the left side of your FASTag sticker. When you click the issuer bank, then put in your car or truck amount or Wallet ID number connected to the FASTag accounts, then input the sum that you would like to recharge and move to payment.

FASTag Recharging using Paytm:

Open the Paytm application, click the Services tab, and then tap on the recharge & Pay Bills’ alternative. You will understand that a FASTag recharge alternative where you are able to choose your FASTag issuer lender, put in your car or truck amount connected to the FASTag accounts, and proceed to cover.

Paytm also includes a handle FASTag’ tab where you could purchase a FASTag to get a private or business automobile, add cash to Paytm FASTag, recharge different tolls and locate info on FASTag

FASTag Recharging using PhonePe:

Open the PhonePe app, scroll down to the ‘Recharge & Bill Payments’ section and click on the ‘FASTag Recharge’ icon. The name of this lender would be on the left side of your FASTag sticker.

When you click the issuer bank, enter your vehicle number or Wallet ID number connected to the FASTag account, then enter the amount you would like to recharge and proceed to payment.

Important points to know about FASTag: –

You can’t use a single FASTag with a couple of vehicles, you’ll need to purchase two distinct FASTag for the 2 vehicles and so forth.

In accordance with the IHMCL site, If you live within a range of 10 km out of the toll plaza, you can receive a concession on the cost to be paid through your FASTag. In this scenario, you must submit the necessary documents – evidence of residence in the bank, closest POS location to confirm your residential address is within 10 kilometers of a specific toll plaza. When the address is confirmed, you can avail a concession on the cost paid via FASTag delegated to your car or truck.”

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