Idea Internet Settings 3G/4G, GPRS & APN settings For Faster Internet

Idea internet settings help to configure setting to turn on the internet. We can manually configure the Idea APN settings for your 4G/3G Smartphone. You can request for Idea GPRS Internet setting to your network operator by sending an SMS. Also, you can choose the alternative option to configure the Idea GPRS Settings.

After the merging with Vodafone India, Idea Cellular Services formed a new company called Vodafone Idea Limited. The new company is offering high-speed data services for its customers. This blog post teaches you how to configure your Android Phone with the fastest Idea Idea Limited APN settings.

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By activating the right 4G APN settings, you can boost the normal Idea Internet speed on your handset. Let us check where to find the latest Idea 4G Net Settings on your device.

How to Get Internet Settings From Idea Official Website:

Idea Internet settings

Check your email, connect with friends, tweet, blog and do a lot more with Mobile Internet Service on your Idea mobile. Stay connected anytime, anywhere in 3 simple steps:

  • Open Official Website
  • Enter your mobile number
  • You will get the settings via SMS on your Idea mobile. Please save these settings as default settings.
  • You are ready to start browsing! (GPRS service will be charged as per your bill plan. Please call idea customer care number for further details.)

How to Get Idea 4G Internet Setting with SMS

Do not have Idea GPRS settings on your device? Unable to connect to Idea Mobile Internet? Do not worry, in this article, you’ll find a way to receive GPRS settings by message or you can add the settings manually by configuring it by yourself. As we will be providing you the complete Idea GPRS Manual Settings and Configuration for Mobile Internet.

Idea Internet Settings :

  • From your Mobile device compose an SMS.
  • Type “SET” and send it to “12345
  • wait for some time…. To receive SMS of Idea Internet settings
  • Once you receive SMS, open and “Save Settings”.

Idea 4G Internet Settings For Manual Configuration

Idea 4G settings can be configured to browse the internet or send and receive MMS with Idea. Configure your device using one of the below Idea 4G settings. Only a few of Idea APN settings will be compatible with your mobile device and Idea.

  • Select the “Settings” icon on your device
  • Navigate to settings >> Wireless and Networks >> More >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names
  • Press the + button to add a new APN

Enter the following settings:

Name: Idea Internet
APN: internet
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
Server: Not Set
MMSC: Not Set
MMS Proxy: Not Set
MMS Port: Not Set
MCC : (Keep Default)
MNC : (Keep Default)
Authentication Type: Not Set
APN type: default
APN protocol: Ipv4
Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled
Bearer: Unspecified
MVNO Type: None
MVNO Value: Not set

How to Troubleshoot Idea Internet Problem

Your phone’s network settings can affect its network performance so it’s worth checking these things.

  • Handset Data/Roaming Data: Check whether your handset data is switched on in the Mobile Settings. If you are in Roaming, please turn on the Roaming data
  • Network selection: check that your device is set to automatically select a network
  • Network mode: make sure your device’s network mode is set to automatically switch between 2G, 3G, and 4G.
  • For Android : Settings -> Mobile Network -> Preferred Network Type -> Select Prefer LTE
  • For iOS : Settings -> Cellular -> Voice & Data -> Select 4G
  • For Windows : Settings -> Cellular + Sim -> Highest Connection Speed – Select 4G
  • APN: Make sure you’re using our Access Point Name (APN) settings for internet and MMS. APN should be (For iOS phones, APN setting is not required)

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