How to Block Airtel Sim For Prepaid and Postpaid Customers

How to Block Airtel Sim this is an easy way to do that if you lost phone or not willing to continue with the Airtel. If the case is lost the phone you need to visit the Airtel store nearby you explain to the Airtel care people.

How to Block Airtel Sim

If you’re Airtel mobile network customer and have stolen or lost your Airtel mobile phone then you will need to block the Airtel sim instantly to prevent from misuse of your mobile number.

Before calling the customer to block the sim know your recent call dial numbers, recent recharge on your mobile number, address of the customer who has lost or id proof.

More about Airtel customer care number 

How to Block Airtel connection or Airtel SIM card

It’s very easy to deactivate your Airtel SIM number. Now I am telling the steps below.

  • Call to the Airtel customer care 198 or 121
  • Tell them to deactivate your mobile number.
  • They will verify your ownership of this mobile number.
  • Give the right answer to verify the SIM card owner details.
  • After verifying all the details they will deactivate your number, however, you can start service again by calling them.
    That’s it.
  • So, do this yourself and be happy
  • Visit the Airtel helpline website

How to Block In case of lost SIM card

For individual SIM cards, make a call to your sim card network operator helpline (such as 121), or direct visit to the customer care center. After SIM card number verification (like FNF number, mother name, birth date, ID card verification, or last recharge amount verification), the helpline will execute a bar request to close your SIM card.

For corporate SIM cards, you need to send the request to the SIM card network operator by your corporate line manager or key account manager. Some cases you need a GD copy along with an application have to submit and a form has to fill up correctly.

  • For GSM features deactivation, activate “Forward all call” using specific code by SIM network operator (like, *002*[Phone Number]#).
  • For GSM features activation, cancel All sorts of call forwarding using specific code (like ##002#)

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  1. My brother Raj Bhanshali hast lost his mobile and now he want to block the SIM please take the necessary action and block the SIM

  2. How can I talk to customer Support executive directly? I have to block my no. but when ever I call 121 or 198 the recorded voice message keeps repeating.

    Airtel has horrible customer care service!


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