HDFC Fastag Recharge online | How to buy FASTag Online and Offline

HDFC Fastag is a simple to use, reloadable tag which enables the user while his traveling through any of the highways across India to pay without stopping for a cash transaction. A valid amount is automatically deducted at the toll plaza and lets you pass through the toll plaza.

HDFC Fastag can be either linked with a prepaid account or can be linked with a bank account of HDFC bank. The HDFC Fastag employs Radio-Frequency (RFID) technology and is affixed on the vehicle’s windscreen after the HDFC bank Fastag account is active.

HDFC Fastag

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HDFC bank’s NETC Fastag program is a part of the national electronic toll collection (NETC) initiative rolled out by NPCI under the guidelines of the National highways authority of India and Indian highway Management Co Ltd.

To avail of Fastag from HDFC bank one has to give a missed call on 720-805-3999.

Here are some of the benefits that you get from HDFC NETC Fastag

  • The customer will receive SMS and email alert on his registered mobile number/Email address for all the transactions that one is doing with the Fastag that is applied on the vehicle.
  • A separate web portal for customers having Fastag from HDFC bank is available where they can access their statements by logging on the NETC faster customer portal.
  • HDFC bank Fastag is arrayed by the tag reader at the toll plaza and the toll amount is deducted automatically, so when the vehicle approaches the toll plaza. The vehicle with NETC Fastag doesn’t need to stop at all on the toll plaza for the cash transaction allowing the owner of the vehicle to save his fuel as well as time which is very precious these days.
  • HDFC Fastag comes with an online recharge facility which means one can easily recharge their Fastag account online through, credit card/debit card or net banking.
  • With the latest RFID technology now the customer doesn’t need to carry or worry about getting cash for the toll payments.

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HDFC Fastag Application process

There are 2 ways by which one can buy a Fastag from HDFC bank Limited.

The 1st way is the online method which requires you to do the following below mentioned steps:

  • Go to the link:
  • will be asked if they have an HDFC account. The user needs to select the option accordingly.
  • If the customer selects the “yes” option, they will be asked to enter their customer ID.
  • If the customer chooses the “no” option, they will be asked if they want a Fastag for a commercial or personal vehicle.
  • Irrespective of which option the customer chooses, they will be asked to fill up certain details such as name or commercial name, address of the office, address of the individual, contact details, etc.
  • Once they fill in all the requested details and click on the “submit” button, they will be directed to the further process for acquiring the Fastag.
  • Certain specific documents might be asked to be uploaded on the web portal to complete the application process for acquiring Fastag.

The steps of the Fastag can also be obtained by calling on the helpline number Of HDFC bank at 18001201234.

Fastag joining fee and charges:

HDFC bank has a small fee that needs to be paid by the user while applying for a Fastag.

There are a small joining fee and a one-time refundable deposit that will depend upon the class of vehicle. There is also a small threshold that has to be maintained on the Fastag account
the minimum threshold is the minimum recharge amount that one must to when they get their Fastag activated.

The charges applicable on the Fastag have been given below:

Particulars Amount
Joining Fee taxes Rs.100 including


Re-issuance Fees taxes Rs.100 including


The one-time security deposit amount for HDFC Fastag according to the vehicle class are as follows:

Vehicle Class Description Threshold Amount Tag Colour Tag Deposit
4 Jeep/Van/Car Rs.200 Violet Rs.200
4 Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle Rs.100 Violet Rs.200
5 Minibus/light commercial vehicle Rs.140 Orange Rs.300
6 Bus 3 Axle Rs.300 Yellow Rs.400
6 Truck 3 Axle Rs.300 Yellow Rs.500
7 Truck 2 Axle/Bus 2 Axle Rs.300 Green Rs.400
12 Truck 4,5,6 Axle/Tractor/Tractor with trailer Rs.300 Pink Rs.500
15 Truck 7 Axle and above Rs.300 Blue Rs.500
16 Earth Moving/Heavy Construction Machinery Rs.300 Black Rs.500

How to Recharge Your HDFC Fastag Account?

  1. Using the Fastag portal-To recharge using the web portal of HDFC bank

  • log in with your wallet ID/user id and password.
  • Find and click on the “payment” option and click on the “top-up” option.
  • Choose your selected wallet ID and fill in the recharge amount.
  • Choose your preferred payment mode and complete the payment process.
  1. Using any digital wallet/UPI application

HDFC customer can follow these simple steps to recharge their Fastag account using any UPI application/digital wallet:

  • Open Your UPI application/digital wallet
  • Select the “pay by UPI ID” option and then enter the virtual payment account (VPA)
  • Enter the predefined VPA for the HDFC bank Fastag.

Also one needs to note that online recharge will attract the applicable fee and one can recharge up to ₹ 1 lakh provided you are compliant with the know your customer (KYC) norms.

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