Vodafone Caller Tune Activation & Deactivation Step By Step Guide

Vodafone caller tune activates by SMS or directly over a phone however Vodafone offers caller tunes for subscribers for a very nominal price. Now Vodafone customers can use their Facebook accounts for choosing caller tunes. Along with this, they can also make use of their Facebook accounts to share and copy caller-tunes among other Vodafone users across Facebook.

Facing any issues in activating Vodafone hello tune on your mobile number? Do not know how to set Vodafone caller tune? This is the best place, to get complete info on enabling Vodafone caller tune on your contact number. Also, the very easiest way to set caller tune to ask Vodafone customer care.

Vodafone Caller tune Activate/Deactivate BY SMS

Vodafone caller tunes and set a tune for all your callers or a different song for a different set of callers. Here are the simple steps to activate the Vodafone caller tune. Do away with the boring old Tring Tring’ and greet your callers with your favorite tunes. With Vodafone caller tunes, you may set popular songs as your caller tune and make your callers groove into your favorite song.

For New User:

  • Send ACT CT <CT Code> to 56789 to set the Callertune.
  • For example, to activate the caller tune service then send ACT CT 130030 to 56789.

To Change the Callertune:

  • Send CT <CT Code> to 56789 to set the Callertune
  • For example, to set the Vodafone Tune as Callertunes then send CT 130030 to 56789.
  • To set your favorite song dial this Vodafone USSD code: Dial *567#
  • Vodafone Caller Tune by SMS for the prepaid customer: Send an SMS ACT<space>CT and send it to 111
  • Vodafone Caller Tune by SMS for the postpaid customer: Send an SMS ACT<space>CT and send it to 144
  • To set your favorite song for Vodafone caller tunes: Dial 56789 and follow what computer says
  • To listen to songs for Vodafone hello tunes: Dial 123 and follow what computer says
  • How to set caller tunes in Vodafone: Simply send an SMS “Song name” or “Movie name” and send it to 55655 for example “Swag Se Swagat” to “55655”

Active Vodafone Hello tune online:

vodafone caller tune

  • Visit the Vodafone Hello Tunes and find the song you want to set as a Hello tune on Vodafone number.
  • Select the song from the list, which you want to set as a caller tune on your number.
  • Now select set now option.
  • Enter & verify your mobile number to activate.


  • If you are already subscribed to Callertune – Rs.15 per Callertune For 90 days.
  • If you are not subscribed to Callertune – Rs.36 rental per month And Rs.15 per Callertune for 90 days.
    SMS charges Rs.5 per SMS.
  • Every 90 days Rs.15 would be charged for Callertune selection

Activation / deactivation:

Hello, tune service will be activated/deactivated within 15 mins and a confirmation SMS will be sent on your Vodafone mobile number.​

Activate Hello tune on Vodafone number with App

Here is the step by step procedure on how to download and active the hello tunes from the above-said app.

Vodafone Caller Tune

  • To set free Hello Tunes, you just need to download the Vodafone hello Tunes app. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • After downloading the app, open it and tap on the ‘Hello Tunes’ icon. You will find the icon on the top right side of the app’s window.
  • Vodafone customers can then search for their favorite songs and select desired Hello Tune.
  • Alternately users can play their favorite song and click on the Hello Tunes icon in the music player to set the song as their Hello Tune.
  • Confirm your Hello Tune on Vodafone hello Tunes app every 30 days to continue enjoying the free subscription.

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