Latest Vodafone USSD Codes list {[All Updated } 2019

Vodafone USSD codes very useful to get instant balance check, however, Vodafone ussd codes are unique shortcode which is used to check internet data balance, Local & STD minute balance usage, and other Vodafone services balance. With the support of these codes, we can easily check the latest best recharge & information pack offers currently active on the number.

What’s more, if you do not like VAS (Value Added Services) on your number you can deactivate with the support of ussd codes or call on toll-free IVR quantity of that service. Use Vodafone USSD codes to know how to check Vodafone net balance. You can use Vodafone USSD codes for many things other than Vodafone balance check & Vodafone balance inquiry. These Vodafone balance and data check codes and numbers are easy to use and give accurate information.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network.

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Vodafone USSD Codes are a prepaid callback sim service which provides ussd based information stored in the system. You don’t need to go anywhere or make the call to Vodafone customer care to get Vodafone ussd related information. These ussd codes are very common and used by every Vodafone customer to know prepaid number balance & usage detail.  We have prepared a list of all Vodafone ussd codes that will help to check any Vodafone service with the help of these codes.

Vodafone Most Common Used USSD Codes List

USSD Detail
Short Code
Vodafone Number latest best offer check
Vodafone Data balance check code
Find Vodafone Phone number
*111*2# or *141#
Vodafone Local STD Minute Balance check code
Vodafone Miss Call Alert
Vodafone Caller Tune Service
Vodafone Internet data Loan Code
Vodafone Balance  Check
*111# or *141#
Vodafone Self Care menu
Vodafone Last three activities Check
Vodafone Credit Talk time Loan Code
Vodafone GPRS Internet Settings


Download Vodafone App for Your Android:

Another way to check out your balance is through, My Vodafone app. It is available in both Android and iOS and can be downloaded through their respective stores.
Vodafone USSD Codes
  • Download the app
  • Register your number in the app
  • Tap on the account and it brings up option including account balance, data balance, and other exclusive offers.

All Vodafone USSD Codes list [Check Balance & Services Usage]

Vodafone Main menu Check USSD Code: *111#
Vodafone Unlimited Calls and Data Offer Check Code *111#
Vodafone Number Latest Best Offer Check Code *121#
Vodafone Mobile Internet Offer Check Code *111*1*7*3#
Vodafone Rate Cutter or Voice Pack Offers Check Code *111*1*8*1#
Vodafone Local & National Pack Offer Check Code *111*1*8*2#
Vodafone Roaming Offer Check Code *111*1*8*3#
All Best Vodafone Offer Check Code *111*1*5#
Vodafone Chota Credit USSD Code *111*1*6*1#
Vodafone Internet Credit USSD Code *111*1*6*2#
Vodafone 3G/4G Internet Data Balance Check *111*2*2#
Vodafone Bonus Card Check Code *111*1*7*1#
Vodafone BC 5 Roaming Pack *111*1*7*2#
Vodafone Mobile Internet Offer *111*1*7*3#
Vodafone 3G/4G Internet Data Packs *111*1*3*2#
Vodafone 2G Internet Data Packs *111*1*3*1#
Vodafone 4G Internet Settings *111*1*3*3#
Check Vodafone Active Data Plan *111*1*3*4#
Vodafone Last 3 Deduction Details Check Code *111*2*4#
Vodafone Last 3 Calls Details Check Code *111*2*5# 
Vodafone Last 3 SMS Details Check Code *111*2*6# 
Vodafone Last 3 Recharge Details Check Code *111*2*7# 
Know your Vodafone Number PUK  Code *111*2*8#
Vodafone My Tariff Plan Rate Detail Check Code *111*2*3*1#
Vodafone SMS/Minute Balance check Code *111*2*3*2#
Active Vodafone Tariff Plan Validity Check Code *111*2*3*3#
Set Vodafone Caller Tune Service *567# OR Call on 56789
Stop Activated Vodafone VAS Services *111*3*1#
Start  Vodafone VAS Services *111*3*2#
Caller Tune Song Change Code *111*3*3# 
Email Update into Vodafone account *111*3*4# 
Vodafone Balance Transfer code *131# OR *111*3*5#
Vodafone Local & STD Minute Balance Check code *143#
Vodafone SMS Balance Check Code *148#
Transfer Vodafone Account Balance with ussd code Dial *131*<Amount>*<Number>#
Vodafone 2G/3G/4G GPRS Settings Send  SMS “ALL” to 144
Port Vodafone mobile number SMS PORT <Mobile number> to 1900
Find Know Check Vodafone Mobile Phone Number *111*2#
Vodafone Net Balance Check With SMS Send SMS as “DATA BAL” to 144
Vodafone 3G/4G Internet Data Packs Check Plan
Vodafone Customer Care Number 198 or Live Chat
Activate Vodafone DND Service Send SMS “START” to 1909
Deactivate Vodafone DND Service Send SMS “STOP” to 1909

These were all Vodafone ussd codes to which you can used to know Vodafone Internet data balance detail, Vodafone credit loan, own Vodafone mobile number, latest best offer and other related information of Vodafone network. We can check with the help of these Vodafone ussd codes. After all, you have any question or query you can call on Vodafone customer care helpline number for any kind of help.

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