How To Jiofi Password Change for JioFi device Step By Step

Jiofi is a 4G hotspot device for home and personal usage design by the telecom giant Reliance Jio for domestic purpose. If you are a Jiofi customer then this best article for you to change  Jiofi Password. If have any question ask Jio customer care for better help

JioFi is hotspot device provided by Reliance Jio for high-speed wireless internet connection. Users can connect many devices like notebooks, smartphones, TVs and much more with it. It may also be used to share the exact same internet connection between multiple users. However, sharing the link with too many users may also have an effect on internet speed.

Change JioFi Password

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Why I Need To Change Password of my Jiofi Device

This is necessary to lock your JioFi hotspot device with a strong and secure password to prevent unwanted connections. Like with all passwords, it is a good idea to constantly update your JioFi password since the longer a password is in use the more likely it’s to be compromised.

If you do not know how to change your JioFi device’s password that this manual is only for you. Follow the steps outlined below and you’ll have them set up very quickly.

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How To Login and Change Password for Jiofi Device:

JioFi is a portable 4G WiFi hotspot device by Reliance Digital. JioFi used with 4G Jio SIM that allows you to access the internet at high speed at any time. Here the step to Login into your Jiofi router for change the Jiofi password and log in details as blow.

  • Open your Preferred Browser and visit http://jiofi.local.html.
  • If above link was not worked just enter following IP address into your browser address bar IP
  • Click on the Login Button and enter your username and password to log in.
  • The Default user name is JioFi Username: Administrator, JioFi Password: Administrator 
  • Login and Open Settings -> WiFi -> Password to change the default password.
  • Again login and Open Settings -> User Management to change the admin password used to login into JioFi device settings.

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The way to Reset Jiofi password if forgotten:

Many motives while you lost Jiofi password or any times forgot. you want to reset Jiofi password, after router to factory reset. As an example, you may have forgotten your password. Follow this process to the Way to reset Jiofi password if forgotten Jiofi password back to factory settings:

  • Let’s begin reset Jiofi Dongle, eliminate your Jiofi Router Back part.
  • By using Your Phone sim ejector pin, You should see the”Reset” text on the face of the”WPS” button.
  • Use sim ejector pin to press on the reset button for a couple of seconds.
  • You are successfully reset your Jiofi device to its factory settings.
  • And then changing up your password and username in Jiofi device doesn’t have to be an excellent deal.
    You may always change Jiofi Device these two any time.
  • Finally, Reset Jiofi password, we should create new Jiofi login password.

How to use JioFi device?

  • Complete setup of Jiofi dongle and the activated Jio SIM in your JioFi.
  • Click it ON and then go through it.
  • And then Turn on Wi-Fi on the consumption device you wish to use (laptops, tablets, mobile phones, gaming devices, cameras, smart TVs)
  • Search for available Wi-Fi networks
  • Connect to the network name of your JioFi
  • Enter the password as mentioned in the device. To find the password, please open the battery cover. The default password is mentioned on the inside panel of the battery cover.
  • then ready to connect to Jio’s high-speed internet.

You are done with your Jiofi dongle and hope to learn how to use your latest Jiofi device and this article helpful for you. Follow my recharge plan website for the latest updates and news regarding the gadgets and your favorite telecom companies.

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